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Spring Beer Garden Tour of Bamberg: Rauchbier and Beyond

8 Days • 7 Nights

In Bamberg and the Franconia region, they call beer gardens beer kellers because many of these forested hillside beer gardens traditionally were (and are) on top the underground cellars where they lagered the beer. Sometimes people will refer to going “on” the beer keller, rather than “to” the beer keller, which when you know the backstory makes sense. 

Welcome to the Spring Beer Garden Tour of Bamberg.  During this tour the emphasis is on experiencing the ambiance, culture, cuisine, and of course beers, of these famous outdoor kellers.  Locals call it kellering.  Keller season, aka Kellerzeit, typically runs from sometime in March to sometime in October, depending on the weather and global warming.  During this tour you will get a great cross section of the traditional beers from this region. 

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