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Belgian Beer Me! specializes in fun, smart and affordable beer tours of Belgium for people from all around the world with more than ten innovative and exciting departures annually. That more than 30% of our travelers are returning customers speaks volumes. Join us and you’ll see why!
— BBM! Founder Stu Stuart

Welcome to Beer Paradise

BBM! Founder Stu Stuart enjoying a Belgian beer in front of the proud Flemish Lion. Santé! (To your health!).

BBM! Founder Stu Stuart enjoying a Belgian beer in front of the proud Flemish Lion. Santé! (To your health!).

Let our large imagery and engaging video transport you to majestic Belgium now!  You can almost smell the sweet aroma of the beer and feel a gentle Ardennes Mountain breeze on your face as you click around the site.  In fact, why not pour yourself a Belgian beer now while you do it so you can really smell and taste it?  

You can view all the tours by theme or by calendar.  Viewing the calendar you’ll quickly see many tours are back-to-back so you can combine them and create the ultimate beer tour of your dreams with just one flight across the pond.  This site is exciting, responsive to personal devices, intuitive and makes signing up and submitting a deposit online easier than ever.  No need to send anything through the U.S. Mail.

We’re announcing two new tours this year: Cider Tour of Normandy, France and the Duvel Inspiring Moments Tour, where we visit all the Duvel Moortgat breweries in Belgium and one in Amsterdam.

Most of these images were taken by me on tours using just my iPhone and now my work-horse-of-a-phone the Google Pixel 3 XL.  Others are used with permission from brewers and freelance photographers, all friends of BBM! 

We also take this opportunity to introduce you to the beer city of Bamberg, Germany, another one of the last bastions of Old World beer culture and a place that should be on every beer enthusiast’s list of places to visit. Let us show you this city and region and you will ask yourself, “What took me so long to get here?”  Bamberg: There’s No Place Like It!

And for something completely different, we are featuring for 2019 a Beer Tour of Brazil, a beer scene partially inspired by Belgian beer and brewers. Brazil Beer Me!, technically still BBM! We're teaming with Tony Forder and Ale Street News on this bold, exciting and fun tour. More on this tour below.

I hope these images and our easy-to-use site will inspire you to visit the magic of Belgium. Put our more than 10 years of experience and passion to work for you. Show up, relax and enjoy the beer tour of a lifetime. I invite you to join us as we meet the fascinating and friendly people who make these eventful beers, share in their cuisine, enjoy their scenic settings, experience history and most of all enjoy the pure pleasure of these fine beers right at the source!

People often ask me, “Do you ever get tired of going to Belgium?,” and I say, “No, I get tired of leaving Belgium.”
— BBM! Founder Stu Stuart

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OUR most popular TOURS

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Lonely Monks Trappist Beer Tour of Belgium & the Netherlands

Beer is one of the few indulgences monks are permitted and thus one of the reasons they know how to brew special beers so incredibly well. On this very special tour we will visit eight Trappist abbeys that brew beer (six in Belgium and two just across the border in the Netherlands) and sample their beers. Read more...

Legendary Zythos Beer Festival Tour

The Zythos Beer Festival (ZBF), is the granddaddy of ‘em all in Belgium. Nowhere near the scale of Oktoberfest, a much more intimate and personal beer festival, it is where many of Belgium’s diverse, unique and intensely-flavored beers, and their brewers come together in one place.   The Festival is be held near Leuven. It's one you won't want to miss! Read more... 

Wild & Spontaneous Beer Tour of Belgium

By popular demand! The focus of this tour is lambics, geuzes, and red and brown Flemish Ales.  Some Americans call these "sour beers."  In odd years it will include Toer de Geuze and in even years the Night of the Great Thirst Lambic Festival.  In 2018, this tour will also include the Legendary Zythos Beer Festival. Read more... 

Ardennes Mountain beer tour of Belgium 

Arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Belgium, the Ardennes Mountains are rich with beer culture, scenery, gourmet cuisine (ham, trout, etc.), enchanting towns and history (Battle of the Bulge & Waterloo). On this tour we plan to visit the breweries of Achouffe, Caracole, Fantome, Rochefort, Orval, Hoegaarden, Trois Forquets and La Ferme Au Chene. Read more...


Venture into the elusive and obscure world of saisons and biére de gardes, whose roots can be traced to rustic ales once brewed on farms in this wide area once known as the Kingdom of Flanders.  We’ll visit some small independent breweries still located on working farms and some large, modern ones, all situated in scenic countryside locations, where we’ll experience these satisfying ales.  Read more...

Bruges beer Festival Tour

I always tell people if you can only go one place in Belgium, go to Bruges.  I also tell them, you cannot spend too much time in Bruges.  And as many times as I’ve been there, I still find it exciting, fascinating and electrical with beery possibilities.  The Bruges Beer Festival and this particular tour make it even more attractive than normal.   Read more... 

SUMMER Beer Tour of Belgium

This tour was created for summer fun. Plus, school teachers who have repeatedly asked us when we would offer a tour in the summer so they could go. Well, here's your chance. Think great beer, food, history and no papers to grade! Read more...

Christmas BEER Festival & Markets Tour of Belgium

Tis the season to be jolly! This is a very, very special and merry festival featuring many delightful seasonal Belgian brews, which are only available in Essen and in limited quantities. The Essen Christmas Beer Festival is a very, very special and merry festival featuring many delightful seasonal Belgian brews, which are only available in Essen and in limited quantities. Read more...

Belgian Family Brewers tour

Beer is about history, so when you drink beer you are drinking history.  Visit the Belgian Family Brewers, who have been brewing authentic beers continuously for more than 50 years.  Learn their stories, feel their passion, taste their beers! Read more...


We all have a little monk in us looking for happiness and there’s no quicker way to happiness than enjoying an authentic Trappist Beer. There’s an epic mystique surrounding these beers and their euphoric qualities. Read more...


NEW!! Cider Tour of Normandy - May 6-11, 2019

Normandy is a cider hunter's dream! A region brimming with cider, beer and calvados. Tour will include WWII history, visit to D Day sites and Mont-Saint-Michel. The rich tapestry of life comes together on this tour that spotlights cider, scenery and history. Welcome to the majestic landscape, half-timbered houses and unique culture of Normandy, France, where we’ll indulge in this famous cider-producing region. No need to be a cider expert to take this tour. We’ll start with the basics of cider, its history and importance in the region. Then explore other enjoyable beverages made with luscious apples, such as “the finest destination of the apple,” Calvados (apple brandy).  In between is Pommeau, a gentle marriage between Calvados and freshly pressed tannin-rich apple juice, which delivers power and sweetness all at once. A good example of the cider producers we’ll visit is the family-owned Domaine Dupont.  As you can see, many pleasures and delights lie ahead for the travelers on this tour. Read more…


Belgium is full of historic, fascinating and proud cities that want to share their stories with you. Welcome to the Backroads of Belgium Tour where you’ll travel the fabled Meuse River Valley and get personal with the cities of Tournai, Mons, Dinant, Namur, Huy and Liege. Read more....

NEW! Duvel INSPIRING moments Tour

Visit the breweries of Duvel, De Koninck, Liefmans, d’ Achouffe and Abbey of Maredsous in Belgium, and Brewery ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Overnights in Antwerp, Bruges, Bastogne & Amsterdam. Two departures: May 18-26 & Sept. 15-23, 2019. Nine days, eight nights.



In Bamberg and the Franconia region, they call beer gardens beer kellers because many of these forested hillside beer gardens traditionally were (and are) on top the underground cellars where they lagered the beer. Sometimes people will refer to going “on” the beer keller, rather than “to” the beer keller, which when you know the backstory makes sense. Read more...

Oktoberfest & Bamberg: Best of bavaria Beer Tour

Just mention Bavaria and images of beer, Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen come to mind, yet the beer cultures of the north and south are unique in their own rights.  To fully appreciate, enjoy and know Bavaria, you have to experience both Munich and Bamberg. Read more...

Fall Bock Beer Tour of Bamberg

The Germans call it Bockbierzeit, loosely translated to bock beer time.  Each fall the breweries of this region release their delicious bock beers for the winter, which may be different than ones you’ve had in the past. They have a wide range of flavors and can be malty, sweet, deceptively strong and even pale in color. Read more...


Beer Tour of Brazil

Brazil, the fifth-largest country in the world, home of the Amazon River, Carnaval, Copacabana Beach and the Girl from Ipanema, conjures up many images, and now add to that imagery… beer! The craft beer scene in this exotic country has been blossoming in recent years as well as its interest and demand for imported beers from places such as the United States, Belgium and Germany. Read more...

“...We both want to thank you again for doing such a good job putting this tour together and leading it. Insuring that everything runs smoothly and looks effortless takes a tremendous amount of work and a diverse skill set and you did an extraordinary job putting everything together. In the past Anne and I have always put our own trips together, and we were a little nervous about what it would be like to do a group tour. However, our fears turned out to be completely unfounded and we both agree that there is no way we could have come close to duplicating your tour on our own. We are already talking about what our next tour should be.”
— John & Anne from Boston